Campaign: 10,000 co-op postcards  •  Approximate ROI: 7%


Campaign: 10,000 co-op postcards  •  Approximate ROI: 3%

The 9x12 mailer was a very good opportunity to spread the word about my local small business. We have been in the community for over 30 years. The mailer definitely generated new business and I would do it again. No matter how long you have been in business it's always good to evolve and appeal to new customers while giving your current customers a special. This mailer accomplished both. It was a pleasure to work with Gregg."      

-AJ, Owner, Lansdale Beverage (PA)

"I felt the postcard was very effective for us.  It brought in many first time customers. The postcard also served as a good reminder to some of our longtime customers, who haven't been in for awhile. We are an old business with a lot of new products.  The ad was a great tool for introducing the new product mix that we carry in the store. The ad was definitely a wise investment and was more effective than some of the other coupon vehicles out there. I feel that the postcard is a great way for local business to communicate with our current and potential customers. I look forward to participating in it, again."      

-David Costa, Owner, Costa Deli of Ambler (PA)

"I immediately liked the appeal of my insurance company showing up in 10,000 mailboxes in the Ambler area on this giant postcard, with no other competition. Never done anything like this before, it absolutely caught my eye. I realized the cost to do this myself would be insanely expensive, and would have to get a ridiculous response to be profitable. 

​It is not easy direct marketing to people in my industry but I saw the value in this delivery method and would do it again in the future. Gregg was up front, honest, and gained my trust!"       

-Chuck Palmer, Moran Insurance Agency (PA)

Campaign: 10,000 co-op postcards  •  Approximate ROI: 15%

Campaign: 2,500 targeted solo postcards  •  Approximate ROI: 15%

"We recently worked with Y3K Designs to overhaul our entire marketing format. We had new marketing pieces as well as a logo designed by Gregg.  I am amazed at how these new pieces and marketing materials have made such an impact on both our clients and prospects. The call back rate from marketing pieces sent out has gone up by over 20% since switching to the Y3K Design pieces. I will absolutely use them again!"

-Michael Wojcik, owner of Wojcik Communications (PA)

Campaign: 10,000 co-op 9x12" mailers  •  Approximate ROI: 6%

"Working with Gregg was great from start to end.  With his sound professionalism and perceptive eye, he truly did a phenomenal job advertising for my restaurant in the local area.  Within a matter of weeks, our customer base exploded and Gregg’s hard work had paid off.  I would highly recommend Gregg without question, and look forward to continuing business with him in the future."      

-Kero Soliman, owner of Candida’s Pizzeria (Ambler PA)

Whether it's a 6x12" or giant 9x12" co-op postcard, or an individual mailing, DIRECT MAIL IS STILL KING! There is no better way to get directly in front of local buyers, whether you are a pizza shop or a dentist. It's a proven medium that requires a little creativity and expertise to deliver your message correctly, which drives up the response. That's where we come in! 

We now have the power to get your business in front of thousands of customers for A FRACTION OF THE COST OF OUR COMPETITORS, and we do everything for you for a low, flat cost!

Co-op postcards are consistantly the #1 method to reach local customers in your area!